Shawn and Abdul met at an open mic in the attic of a Comedy Club in Victoria BC. Shortly after starting comedy they were asked to host a show together and they smashed a microwave onstage as part of an elaborate (and hilarious) joke*. Since then, their friendship has been best described as a string of high concept gags (usually involving microwaves**).

They’ve spent the last 5 years going to great lengths to try to make each other laugh, and as a result: created a series of award winning comedy shows, a beloved podcast, hilarious sketches and are currently developing a web series featuring the characters from their critically acclaimed fringe show, Fake Ghost Tours.

Their goal with all of their shows is to capture and share the sense of irreverent fun that we all feel in those moments, late at night, when we’re hanging out with our friends, and someone smashes a microwave (for almost no reason).

*Though the venue owner did force them to pay for the repairs to the stage.

**Not always DIRECTLY involving microwaves, but when you think about it, you can probably link MOST things to a microwave SOMEHOW.