Spout Lore | A Podcast

A series of comedy bits, loosely connected by dice rolls. 

Join a well-meaning barbarian, a mysterious druid, and an orphaned halfling child as they try to figure out the world they're in.


We Know Nothing About Art | A Comedy Show

Do you love art? Does art confuse you? Have you ever though that art historians could just be making everything up on the spot? Join comedian Abdul Aziz and his friends as they do their best to make sense of the world’s most treasured works of art, with little to no formal training in the field (or training of any sort actually… to be honest, we’re seriously considering going back to school).

Field Zoology.jpg

Field Zoology 101 | A Comedy Show

From the untamed wilds of the Vancouver Landfill, to the loading bay behind the Burger King, Field Zoologist Brad Gooseberry has seen it all. In this introductory course he shares a lifetime of “knowledge” and “experience,” teaching you to thrive and survive in the harrowing world of field zoology.